Monday, February 21, 2011

Squak Mt 2.21.11

With the family away the dog has been cooped up entirely too much so I thought it was only fair to give an extra day this week to stretch his legs. I wanted to stay close since I have plans for the rest of the day, so Squak Mt. always fits a constircted time frame. Since it is President's Day there was many cars parked in the South Lot so I made sure to keep Tanner on the leash for the entire day. This is something we are both not used to but I felt it prudent. I started out a little too fast and when I stopped to take a phone call, I nearly puked. After calming my systm down I throttled back the pace. I was able to make the summit in 50 minutes and I didn't linger too long. I had hoped to run the descent but the combination of the wrong footwear and having Tanner on the leash nixed that idea. It was give the legs some extra stretching this week. Hopefully tomorrow I will have another chance.

Approx 3miles 1700' of climb 1:35 car to car

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