Monday, November 1, 2010

Terence and Michael Lakes 8.4.98 From the vault #1

With recent wet weather and not being able to go out this week,. I thought I would take some time to look back and reflect on some trips that I did in my younger days. I have never posted these trips and it is fun for me to look back and remember the earlier days. I am sad that I don't have any written records of other trips I did prior to 1998. I guess I will have to make the most of what I do have.

This trip was from the summer of 1998, things in my life were somewhat different. I had just met my wife and we were dating and didn't have a mortgage or kids. My time was much less burdened than now, but I would have to say less fulfilling.

  The weather is very warm and sunny upper 80's  I chose to use the Cathedral Pass trail and drop downstream before climbing up to the lakes. Besides the heat the trail was clear and the grade was easy. Nice views along the way of Chimney Rock and the Lemah Group. Once reaching the lake the best site was taken by a group of horsemen. I was able to go by them without drawing notice and I holed up in a shady spot on the SW shore of the lake. I wish I would have had an earlier start to avoid the sapping heat so I decide to hit Terrance Lake in the morning. The group is a father and two sons who I don't believe know I am there.  Chance (my dog) is coughing up some fluids and I surmise it is due to drinking water too quickly. I later realize that he actually found the pits to the peaches I had eaten and finally was able to get them out. The conditions are dry and dusty much different to my trips recently further West. I look forward to fishing the lakes look like it could be good and there plenty of easy spots to do so.

    I just finished dinner of a few of the trout I caught wrapped in bacon that was very tasty. My campsite is less than ideal but it will work. Chance ran off some big animals during the night. I couldn't see anything but I could hear their breathing and judging by the sound they were very large. Elk perhaps???

  I managed breakfast and coffee and was off to Terrance Lake before 8 am just less than 50 minutes to the lake. The trail is hiker only and horses are prohibited. The trail is steep in areas but provides wonderful views to the West. The lake is fairly large and I walked 2/3 of the way around. There is a very good campsite on the NW corner just before the outlet. Fishing was slow just one fat 12" Cutt. From the Northern Shore there are good view of Davis Peak and Goat Mt. The morning clouds have burned off and it is starting to become very warm.

 I made my way back to camp and repacked and was off for the return to the car.  I had to stop to let Chance rest for 30 minutes because of the heat. My feet are a bit sore but the legs feel very strong, thankfully the heat doesn't seem to be slowing me down. I gave myself two extra hours for the return so I am not in any rush.I had an interesting time with 4 horsemen who thankfully let me pass. I am always concerned with the dog and horses and the unpredictable mixing of the two. All in all a great trip, and I can't wait to go again.

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