Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Squak Mt South Access Road 10.12.10

  After yesterday's escapades I had a day to spend with the little ones. I swapped places with my wife and I had the kids for this Tuesday. I had to ferry the youngest to school and then ran some errands with the eldest child. I then returned to pick up the little one and we all had a nice picnic in the warm sun. After taking the oldest to school I asked the little one what she wanted to do. " I want to go on a hike" was her reply. Since we had to go by Squak Mt. on the way home I thought that would be a good test for the 3 year old. When we reached the access road I gave her the option of doing the Pretzel Tree Trail, the trail or the South Access Road. She chose the access road because she wanted to see the princess towers ( the kids name for the microwave towers) on the summit. I really didn't expect too much but the little one was intent on making it to the top. We were able to make it to the 1.5 mile mark before time became an issue. We had a nice talk as we wound our way up the road. The sun was out and fall was definitely in the air. My little one managed to walk most of the way down before deciding that she would be happier perched on my shoulders. I was very proud of my little girl and had a great time today spending some extra time with my girls. It certainly gave me a bigger appreciation of what my wife does on a daily basis.

Approx 3 miles 900' of  climb 1:30 car to car

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