Monday, November 17, 2008

Hancock's Comb 11.17.08

Hancock's Comb is the tufted point above Hancock Lake in the North Fork of the Snoqualmie drainage. If it wasn't included in the Home Court 100 I doubt it would hold any interest. The intent was to mountain bike to just past the summit and climb the short ways to the ridge and on to the summit. I had tried this trip a couple weeks ago and had to abandon when I lost a bolt holding my front tire on. Although it seemed stable I didn't want to take that type of chance. I had plenty of time and I even took the time to enjoy the very warm hazy sunshine. I wasn't able to ride much more than half the way and pushed it the remainder. I was making good time until I reached junction not on my map. There was a road closure sign due to ongoing logging in the area. I pushed on until I reached the actual logging operation blocking all of the road. I gave some thought to dumping the bike and sneaking around the working area. I was concerned about how to handle the dogs and lacking leashes it could have provided an unhappy outcome. I backtracked to a lower road which I followed on foot hoping to go cross crountry to reach my road higher above me. I followed this road until it ended in a tangle of brush before a torrent of a stream. I decided a leisurely return to enjoy the remainder of the day was much moredesirable than a tedious bushwack.

Approx 14 miles 2000' of climb 4 hours car to car

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