Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Revolution 8.11.10

Last week I needed something close so that I could devote what little time I had to hiking instead of driving. I hadn't used the trail from the Middle Fork Road that connects to the Granite Lakes Road before the road crosses Granite Creek. I was able to easily find the trail and I was glad it was in good shape and easy to follow. I crossed the creek and started the mindless road walk to the ridge line. About a mile I stopped for a short break and could never regain any ambition to continue. I started back and then turned around and started up again. This didn't last long, I was just plain worn out and couldn't push myself to go any further. Making my way back down I entertained thoughts of a virus or some other ailment that was sapping my energy. Throughout this week I felt better and yesterday I kept in low key. This summer work schedule seems to be taking more of a toll on me then what I suspected. I had plans for this evening so I was out the door at 0700 and quickly made my way to my jump off point. I wanted to do the same hike to see if there was any improvement to my stamina. I was able to push up the steep areas and quickly joined the GLR. I suspect this shaves nearly 30 minutes of the standard approach and even more for the descent. I was able to keep the elevation ticking away. I reached an overgrown area that was soaked with recent rains and promptly got quite wet. The fact that I was now in the clouds didn't help things as it was very wet for August. Instead of staying on the mainline I took the spur that traverses to my objective of Revolution Peak. I reached the end of the road and added some waterproof layers and made my way up the soaking slopes. I made the ridgeline quickly and that is when things slowed down. The ridgeline was slow going with gnarled trees and slippery duff slopes all with no visibility. I reached what seemed like the highest point around and I was dismayed that I was short the needed elevation to be Revolution. I was starting to feel sketchy being solo with the uber slippery slopes. I found a way to traverse just below the ridge and started making up some ground. I reached an area that I would have to traverse some wet mossy down sloping slabs. I gave some debate but decided since more than likely I will need to reclimb it anyway when I make my way to Russian Butte I didn't think the last few feet were worth the added risk. On the way down I attempted a downward traverse using veggie belays to keep my footing intact. I thankfully reached the end of the road for the long trudge back.

While I can't say that I felt 100% I do feel much closer to normal.... whatever that is.

Approx 12 miles 4400' of climb 6 hours car to car

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