Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mariner's Peak 6.8.10

With the sun finally coming out on a day I didn't have to work I was anxious to get out. My wife's busy season is finally coming to an end, but I still had the kids so something I could drive the Audi to and was easy for the kids was in order. I want to get them used to the longer drives to some of the areas I love so I thought something in the Salmon La Sac area would be good practice. I gave the kids some options and the river walk won out. I was able to coax the Audi to the trailhead for Cooper River/Waptus lake and parked. The intial portion winds next to the Cooper River and it is enough of a drop to the river to give me some concern for the kids. Once the trail reaches the junction to Polallie ridge it breaks away from the river and is a nice trail for my little hikers. After stopping for a short time a couple with a dog passed us on their way to Waptus Lake. As I was looking around I noticed a small slabby area above us that might provide some views. Soon we were on our way for the girl's first official "scramble". After reaching the top of the slabs there was a perfect rock bench to have lunch. It really looked as if someone had chisled the perfect place to sit and eat. It was a very special moment for me watching the kids eat their lunches, I have to admit I was teary eyed. The slabs kept going up so after lunch we followed a short ways until we crested a small point. I told my oldest since she was the first to ascend this mighty peak she had earned the right to name it. She was quick to name it Mariner's Peak. While most of the peaks were not visible I found an interesting perspective on The Lourve and what I think was Teanaway Peak. I cautioned the oldest to be very careful on the descent and with some advice on how to fall, if you are going to fall. I carried the little one on my shoulders which made some interesting balancing for me. The way back was a quick jaunt with a short tense moment passing near the river again.

Approx 2 miles 600' of climb 1:30 car to car

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