Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maloney Ridge Road 3.30.10

After a most disturbing week of work, I needed to get out and think some things through. With all the new snow and the high avy dangers climbing anything seemed out of the question. I desperatly wanted to stretch my legs however so I decided to see all this new snow first hand. As I made my way up US 2 I couldn't believe that there was snow just outside of Index. I made my way up the Foss River Road and then turned on the road that leads to Maloney Lookout. I was able to drive to around 2400' before I decided that the snow was deep enough to warrant stopping. I packed up and booted my way up the snowy road. The snow depth increased quickly and I switched to snowshoes. The weather went from heavy snow to sunshine to heavy snow back to sunshine. After reaching the junction I stayed on the road leading to Evans Lake. The snow here was easily more than 2' which made the beagle have to bunny hop from one of my steps to the next. I had to laugh looking back and seeing that my prints were as deep as he is tall. I half intended on going to Maloney Lakes or even the little bump to the NE of the upper lake. After pushing the beagle a little further I realized that would be too much for the little guy. Thankfully I was able to sort out my thoughts and made it home to spend some extra time with the family.

Approx 5 miles 800' of climb

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