Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road 1.26.10

I had planned on doing Quartz Mt. today. The weather looked good, I woke up early and felt rested made breakfast and then went back to bed. Not sure about why other than I had a weird feeling about the day. I rationalized that staying home would give me some much deserved family time. After spending the morning with the family I wanted to get the dogs out for a run. I thought I would do Si or something similar but in the end I decided on something I felt would be less travelled. I set out on the South Bessemer Road at 12:45 and since I needed to be home by 5:00 I didn't have much time. The weather was benign and I actually just wore shorts! I cut the switchbacks to make up some time. I had hoped to make it to Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Pass but when I reached the fork at 2100' my curiosity got the better of me. I thought I remember doing this branch many years ago and remember it being VERY unpleasant. There was a well worn and brushed path, so I followed. There is a nice log bridge that was built recently across the first creek. The road improves as it climbs neither of which I remembered from my last visit. After a short ways the worn path splits and a trail starts up. I followed this to a higher road where the route continues on the road again. This area looks to be frequented by mountain bikers as there are many structures that have been built that appear to be jumps. The way again leaves the road and becomes a trail. I followed this until I reached my turnaround time at around 2900'. I wish I had more time to explore. I will be back to see where the trail ends up. I would imagine it connects with the higher road system near the ridge crest and would be a easier/shorter way to Green Mt. I cut nearly all the switchbacks on the way down and I managed to make it home 45 minutes early.

Approx 6 miles 2000' of climb 2:45 car to car

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