Friday, January 8, 2010

Easton Ridge 1.8.10

After a massive work week I was in the mood for something on the shorter side. I wasn't in the mood for plodding uphill in deep snow so I thought I would give the skis another try. I thought another trip to Easton would be perfect. I was surprised to awaken to a downpour in the morning, I hadn't seen that in the forecast I had read before going to bed. I was actually happy because I was optimistic that the rain would be snow in Easton. True to my hopes I had snow and a lot of it. I had hoped to ski the road that climbs to the East Side of Easton Ridge. I had some issues finding the road I wanted to use and when I finally did it was gated and wouldn't go. I backtracked and somehow had lost my phone in the car. I stopped to look for it just as a work truck pulled up beside me. Since I was fully in the way I hastily got back in the car and had to drive a mile before I could find a suitable parking spot. After turning the car upside down and not finding my phone I surmised that it had somehow fallen out of the car when I had stopped. How could I have not noticed this, surely this couldn't be the case. After backtracking and this time finding a parking place out of the way I started my search. Right in the middle of the road was my phone just laying in the snow. Surely it had been run over or wouldn't work. I picked it up and it was intact and fully functioning. This wasn't the start I was hoping for. As I went to get back on the free way I hit an ice patch and promptly slammed into the guardrail

Fully expecting the car to be smashed I got out to survey the damage. Other than a foglight that was already half broken and the bumper slightly askew you couldn't tell anything had happened. I popped the bumper back into place and continued on my way. I went all the way back to Sparks and headed East from there and was able to find Easton Ridge Road. There is considerable logging activity on this road so be wary. It plays peak a boo with the powerlines for about 4 miles. I found a spur road that branched off and parked.

I skinned a short ways up the road until I reached a junction where only snowmobiles had gone. The way was narrow so it looks like it could be a trail but I was unsure. I found the going easier in ski than it would have been in snowshoes because of the new deep snow. The snow was only growing in intensity and it was sure nice to see. I followed the path a short ways after it started to descend. Now for the interesting part the descent back to the car. I decided it best to leave the skins on and try to get a feel for what I needed to do at slower speeds. I was able to slide at a manageable speed and managed to make some small turns. Much like a baby taking it's first steps I was learning. Since I hadn't gone too far I was back to the car quickly. I was able to make my way home without running into any immovable objects. When I got home I took my other car to get my tire leaky tire fixed. True to form for the day the tire was not repairable and I was forced to get 4 new tires. I am comforted that tomorrow will have to go better.

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