Monday, December 7, 2009

Lake Lillian Road 12.7.09

Each peak has it's defenses, weather, terrain etc. Sometimes it is the things that are in our control, fitness level or motivation. Sometimes it's the small things. I had concerns for this day because of the uber cold weather but that could be addressed. I had concern for the pups and considered leaving them home, but they needed to get out. I met Zach at Preston and we were off. The goal was for The Dungeon which is a satellite peak of Rampart Ridge and is very visible from I90. I was disappointed to not be Able to drive past the sno-park adding some extra mileage. We layered up and were off. Although it was in the low teens it was manageable. We made good time to the turn off for the road that leads to the backdoor route to lake Lillian. The sun was shining but didn't do much to warm things. Just before we reached the end of road the snow depth increased and stopped the dogs in their tracks. As I said sometimes it is the little things, the snow was balling between their paws causing great discomfort. There was no option but to turn back. I have logged many trips of many miles in varied conditions and have never had a similar experience. The way out involved minimal beagle carrying but went well.

Appox 8 miles 1200' of climb 4 hours car to car

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