Monday, November 2, 2009

Squak West, Squak Main 11.02.09

With the inlaws in town I knew I wouldn't be able to get out this week. I just picked up new boots and I really wanted something to get a head start in breaking them in. I dropped the oldest in pre-school and stopped at Squak Mt. on the way home. Had some hotspots on my heals that evaportated once I adjusted my socks and relaced them. As I made my way along the trail to the main summit I passed the West summit which I quickly dispatched. Just after passing the fireplace I left the trail in a straight line for the main summit. I was surprised to crest a point and then drop some elevation before regaining some back to the summit. I really felt that the first point was actually higher than the area where the towers are located. Upon looking at my topo it clearly isn't but I would like to verify with a GPS. Feeling pressed for time I ran most of the way back on the access road. Although the boots are a little heavy for running I was very pleased with the fit and had no foot issues.

Approx 6.5 miles 1:50 car to car 1800' of climb

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