Tuesday, September 1, 2009

North Guye, Cave Ridge 9.1.09

With the expectation to be at work late on my day off for inventory my expectations were pared back for this day. I was able to scoot out much earlier than expected with my new found skill of delegagting. In the past the adage "if you want something done right, do it yourself" has come into play heavily. We shall see. Too bad for me my caffeine regimen was set up for a much longer night and I wasn't able to go straight to bed. I slept reasonably well and futzed around the house before finally hitting the road. There were the usual larger amount of cars at the Snow Lake Trailhead which didn't concern me since I didn't think too many were heading my way. The trail was still where it was the last time I was there and it is still easy to follow albeit steepish. It sure but my fitness level under scrutiny and showed I am woefully below my usual standards. Undaunted I pushed on stopping long enough to let a party of five descend. Soon I reached the junction for Guye Saddle and I was on new ground. The trail grade backs off as it makes it to the saddle. Upon reaching the saddle I was surprised it was a 4 way intersection and not the 3 way I was hoping for. I decided to go for Guye first and I thankfully reached a small pond for the dogs to drink and cool off. The beagle who is only7 seems to be having more issues each time out. I am starting to think I may have to leave him home. The scramble to the summit goes easily and I was surprised the amount of exposure to the West. It's a long way down to the car below. The 3 summits are much closer together than what I expected, and I was unable to determine which was the highest. I spied the gully that opens up the route to the two other summits but after doing a Google Search on which summit was the highest I decided that the South Summit would be better attempted with a partner. I have to admit having the technology to access the unlimited info of the internet gave me one more reason not to continue, just what I need. I snapped a few pictures through the hazy skies, before making my way back to the pond. After the dog's again drank their fill I continued North. The path was good and soon I was at another junction. I took the right fork which I had hoped went to the Cave Ridge High Point 5270'. The trail was good and soon I found myself on the summit. The views were just as hazy so I didn't stay long. On my way up Guye I decided to alter my exit strategy and continue East into Commonwealth Basin. Since I was able to get a hold of my wife to let her know I felt like it would be a good way to avoid the knee crunching descent to my car. I half expected the trail to peter out but it stays mostly well defined all the way to the Crossing of Commonwealth Creek. Now it was just easy trail to the PCT parking lot and the 1.5 mile road walk back to the car.

Approx 8 miles 2700' of climb 4:45 car to car

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