Monday, May 25, 2009

Cougar Mt, Long View Peak 05/25/09

With another sunny day on tap and having to watch the kids I thought another kid's hike was the perfect fit. After last week's Squak Mt trip going so well I thought a little exploring of Cougar Mt. was in order. We snagged the last available parking spot on The Wilderness Creek trailhead parking lot off of SR 900. The trail is in good shape and there is still decent flow in the creek. At the junction we took The Cliff Trail to the junction with the Wilderness Peak Spur. The Spur is short jaunt to the viewless summit. There was a summit register where I had the oldest look through while I took her picture. I almost cried watching her look through her first summit register. Both kids were very talkative to the countless people encountered on the trail today. Today's topic was "What color is your car". In the end Silver narrowly won out over blue. The parting words were the customary "Happy Hiking". After a quick snack we were off for the descent. We decided to mix it up and descend towards Shy Bear Pass. Shortly thereafter we reached an intersection with Long View Peak. I started along the way but decided that might be too much for the little legs. I couldn't have been more proud when the oldest talked me out of turning around because she wanted another summit. In short order we reached the summit where she performed her summit dance. We descended a short ways to some slight views of the valley below. We then made for the car. Another great day for my me and my little climbers.

Approx 5 miles 1300' of climb 4 hours car to car

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