Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lake Kathleen 12.24.08

With yet another day off work due to weather, and thankfully I am now on salary! What to do? I strapped on snowshoes to myself and the 3 yr old and we were off to find some powder. I didn't have to venture too far.

We crossed the road and headed for the rumored sledding hill. The hill was there but with so much snow it wasn't that much fun. As most 3 yr olds she lost interest so we soon found our way back home. With some extra time before the evenings festivities I thought I would break out the skis. I made sure to give them a good wax this time so that I would have a little more luck than earlier this week. I did a loop using some trails and some roads. I passed by Lake Kathleen which was frozen solid which shocked me. My lake which is slighlty higher in elevation and less than a mile away has NO ice at all. I am guessing it has to do with the lakes depths. My lake is much deeper which probably contributes to the longer freeze time. I was most pleased with my improvement on the skis I actually started to skate ski which I enjoyed immensely. It was nice that this time the snow hit here instead of somewhere else. I think we had nearly 8" inches today and it again snowing!

Approx 4 miles less than an hour house to house

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