Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lion Rock 9.14.08

With the last day of vacation upon me I wanted to have a family picnic. I had tried to climb Lion's Rock #64 on the BC/100 earlier this year even though one can actually drive to the summit. With every list I am sure there are some gimmies. In most cases I try to resist doing it the easy way. On my attempt earlier this year I made it to the ridgeline only to be blasted by winds so strong that I could not even stand up. I remember thinking how nice it would be to make a return with the family on a nice sunny day. Today was that day. The crux of the day was driving the road from Liberty. The initial part is fairly good road but the second half is bumpy and unpleasant. It is 16 miles from Liberty adding to the family's discomfort. Finally we reached the end of the road after my 50th "we are almost there". True to form the weather was pleasant and the views were worth the aggravation. I enjoyed having both my daughter's tag their first Full Court Peak. Once again my oldest concocted a summit dance which this time I had the foresight to record for prosperity. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed the waning hours of Daddy's vacation. Even though it is 6 miles further to head towards Ellensburgh I opted for that choice. My thinking was the road had to be better. For once I made the right choice! The road soon switched to a narrow PAVED road. I am sure it is much faster via this route. Another great day in the mountains albeit a little less conventional.

Approx 20' 0' climb 20 seconds car to car

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