Monday, September 8, 2008

Hibox 9.08.08

With the beautiful forecasted weather I was hoping to get out. My schedule ended up being compressed so I needed an efficient climb. Hibox was a perfect fit for this day, close and shortish. I made my way to the Rachel Lake trailhead and was off. I had been up the initial part of the climber's trail so I knew the way. The trail leaves the Rachel Lake trail just shy of 3300' after the second major clearing. The trail for the first 2000' was very easy to follow remarkable for a climber's trail. I was able to find some nice running water at around 4600' which I was thankful for. I was concerned about the dog's lack of water, I did have some extra for them but it was nice not have to use it. Once the trail breaks out in the open it is a little hard to follow but since the objective is plainly in sight it is of no bother. Once I reached the summit block I angled to the the NE to access Hibox's SE Ridge. The views on the way up were great to the South but they do not compare to the views to the North. I knew the last 250' would involve some Class 3 scrambling, but initially I couldn't find an easy way up. I looped around the North side and couldn't find anything. I was crestfallen because I really wanted to finish this one off. As I descended back to the my stowed belongings I noticed a nice slot on the nose of the ridge. There were some nice steps going up so I took them. I made sure the dogs stayed below. I felt like they could make it up but I wasn't sure of their ability to descend. Once up the slot the going was straightforward. Thankfully the dogs for once listened and stayed put. As I climbed further the rock wasn't solid so I carefully checked each hold. I thankfully reached the summit and quickly snapped some pictures. I couldn't find a register. I slowly descended and reached by belongings that I had left on the ridge. After dropping 500' I met a couple making their way up. I gave them some what I hoped to be helpful advice. The descent went quickly and thankfully without any incidence. Another great summit on what was a perfect weather day.

Approx 8 miles 3900' of climb 5:50 car to car.

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