Monday, August 18, 2008

Three Brothers 8.18.08

I had hoped to knock off some Home Court Peaks but with the unstable weather I opted for what I thought might be more stable weather. Judging by the weather on the way home I think I made the right choice. I got a somewhat early start which was the perfect start time. I reached the Stafford Creek Trailhead and was dismayed by the warm humid weather. I don't react well to hot temperatures. I struggled mightily the initial couple miles. When the rain started I gave some thought to bagging it. I was worried about the high lightning danger and didn't want to be a lightning rod. With the rain the temperature dropped at least 6 degrees. I had hoped to leave the Stafford Creek Trail just below the saddle between Navaho and Little Navaho Peak. I had done this once before a remembered it to be a pleasant climb. With the rain I decided to stay on trail. Just after the passing my jump off point the rain stopped and the weather stayed cool. With the cooler weather my legs returned. I reached the County Line trail and headed East. I reached the crest and was treated with my first views of my intended summit.

I dropped quickly to the basin below and stared up to my summit high above me. I started up able to follow a climber's trail for most of the way. Soon I was on the summit to be buffeted by some high winds and some nice views.

I signed one of the two registers. I didn't take the time to look through them. The last person to sign was 73! I hope to be still bagging peaks at that age. The weather was closing in so I quickly retraced my steps.

I decided to take a more direct route out. I descended in a direct line to Little Navaho. I took a nice ramp to around the same elevation as the pass. I wasn't able to find a easy way to traverse to the pass so I dropped via a gully to the stream bed below me. Once in the creek bed I was surprised that the climb to the pass was straightforward. It look super steep from my traverse. I climbed steadily and soon I was at the pass being slapped around by even stronger winds. I dropped easily to the Stafford Creek trail and did my best to keep a brisk pace to the car.

Approx 13 miles 5500' of climb 7:15 Car to car

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