Monday, June 2, 2008

3484' and more 6.2.08

had high hopes for a nice trip of Crosby but lack of good weather was a deciding factor. I had hoped up with some fellow Nwhikers but we agreed that Crosby was better suited for a fair weather day. I was hardly crestfallen because I had a late night at work and sleep sounded much better. I took an opportunity for some more sleep so by the time I got rolling it was already late. I had to think of something short and quick. Earlier in the year I had been up Gale Creek Road on the way to Ugly Duckling. I had enough time for the long road walk so it seemed to fit. I had forgotten a obligation for the day. This sidetrack burned off much of the remaining time I had available. Now I wasn't sure If I had enough time to complete the climb. I hoped that maybe I would be suprised and drive far enough on the road to make it possible.

I was indeed surprised my the melt out and able to drive to 2700'. I parked near a snowmobile trailer, I was surprised that they would even try to run on the patchy road. I booted a short ways until I saw some flagging heading up. It was apparent it would go over 3484', as did I. The point offered an upfront view of Ugly Duckling. I dropped steeply to the road and rejoined it until reaching 3000'. I knew I hadn't the time to walk the road so I thought I would just head up. The snow was rock hard and almost made me wish I had brought my crampons. The snow wasn't consistent enough for this but they might have come in handy for short portions. I now had no more time and decided to head back.

Approx 5 miles 1700' of climb 2.5 hours car to car

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