Monday, April 14, 2008

Cowboy Mt. 4.14.08

had a taxing work week so I was looking for something shorter. I still wanted to climb something and when I heard that Steven's Pass Ski Area was shut down for the season I knew I had a perfect target. I parked at the upper parking lot and followed the cat track next to the terrain park. I traversed over to the 7th heaven lift. My intent was to use that for my approach. It didn't look like that much fun so I sniffed around the South side where I found a nice open slope going up. I reached the top of the slope and stayed in the trees until I reached the summit ridge. The summit ridge was very heavily corniced show I took some care to stay back from the edge. A short ways later I was on the true summit #79 B/C 100. I didn't feel very strong all day so I was surprised that it only took 90 minutes to summit. I retreated via my up route trying to glissade when I could. The ski runs were so rock hard that they didn't make for the most comfortable sliding.

Approx 4 miles 1800' of climb 3:30 car to car

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