Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Diamond Head 3.17.08

I managed to get an early start and I knew I was going to need the extra time. I had some rough going over Snoqualime because of some pesky snow showers. When I reached the Blewett Pass Sno-Park the weather was suprisingly sunny. I packed up and was off. From the onset I noticed Tanners had cut a nailbed and was bleeding. The cut wasn't too bad but I knew this would put the days objective of summitting Diamondhead, Tronsen Head and Mt. Lillian in jeopardy. The sunrise was beautiful and I enjoyed the warm sunshine.

I followed the road for about a mile and then traversed to the objective gully between Diamondhead and Tronsen Head. I picked up a good trail which speeded up the route finding. I just upgraded to MSR Lightning Ascent and was having some trouble with traverse. The shoes tended to make my downhill ankle twist making for some uncomfortable travel. When I reached 5100' I found a nice slope heading my way. There was some recent ski tracks and I found the slope stable. I kicked steps for about 400' enjoying the heel lift of the snowshoes. I felt like this made ascending much easier. The grade steepened and I was forced to break out the ice axe and switch back to just boots. The views opened up somewhat.

After another 400' the grade lessened and I easily made my way to the highpoint. After taking a look at Tanner's feet and noticing that he had cut another nail bed I knew my only option was to drop back to the trail and head out. I just dropped straight back to the trail and regained it at 5250'.

I followed the trail until I reached the Discovery Trail which I followed back to the car. The Discovery Trail had some interesting kiosks about the way the forests are managed.

Approx 6 miles 2100' of climb 4:45 car to car

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