Monday, February 25, 2008

Pelletgun Hill 2.25.08

Last week I tried to drive the Middle Fork Road to the Taylor River Bridge. Although I was stymied by deep snow last week I thought with the warm weather this week I had a chance. There was considerably less snow than last week and I was able to go much further than last week. Just as I started to become hopeful for success the road ended in a mass of mushy snow with no discernable line. I had a backup plan so I turned around and made my way back to Granite Lakes Road. I had planned on some mostly sunny weather but the weather forecast was not accurate in the least. With the steady rain I wasn't in the mood for the long approach for Revolution Peak duplicating most of last week's long effort. I decided instead to do some research of the North Fork Road. I was sure I wouldn't be able to past the Wagner Bridge anyway. I was surprised with the lack of snow on the road. There is no snow until after the bridge. The Wagner Bridge is still under construction but looks nearly completed. On the way in I saw a peaklet that looked to have enough elevation to be included in someone's list. I parked at gate #20 and made my way up the good logging road that switched back to the NE ridge. I left the road here and picked my way easily along the ridge. Minutes later I was on the treed summit 1840' P540'. Instead of following my up route I merely dropped South to the road below me. I then headed South to another point with some prominence. The point was a rocky point and looked like a cool vantage point to view the active logging crews to the East of my position. I was able to follow an older logging road to the base of the rock face. With the rain and my lack of skill climbing faces I opted to scout around the East side hoping for some easier terrain. I was able to find an easy route to the summit 1510' P200'. On returning home I found an unofficial name of Pt. 1840' ,Pelletgun Hill, and I am not sure of the origin of this name.

Approx 4 miles 1000' of climb 1:45 car to car.

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