Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tip Top 1.29.08

I had hoped to summit Tip Top which ranks a lowly #94 on the BC/100. As a good portion of my trips start I was very late getting out of the house. I had some good Beta from Wildernessed so I was confident that I could give it a go. I was suprised that the turn off Hy 97 of the Camas Creek Road was so far past the pass. I almost turned around thinking that I had passed my turn-off. The road was in great shape despite the earlier days snow. I turned off the main line and headed toward the Bible Camp and parked. I was thankful that the road I intended on using for my approach was heavily packed by snowmobile traffic. I had toyed with the idea of leaving the road early and making a straightline off trail approach. I decided the road would do. I made good time to jump off point and I found a good road going my way. At a bend in the road I saw an easy gully that would take my right to the ridgeline. It was not my line but I thought I could easily run the ridge to the summit. I breached the ridge at around 3900ft and made my way easily along the ridge. I reached the closed contour at 4200ft and was suprised to find myself cliffed out with a 40 drop to the saddle below me. I backtracked and found a steep gully that I am sure would take me down. I declined hoping to find an easier traverse lower. After backtracking I found some easier terrain. I was now nearing darkness and wasn't enthused with the idea of traversing in the dark. I decided to head back .

Approx 7 miles 1300ft of climb 4 hours car to car

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