Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Malcolm Mt, Goldwater Mt. 10.09.07

With the heavy expected rains I planned on heading for Teanaway. I was suprised to find it not only dry in the morning but very warm as well. I was treated with some filtered sunshine on my way over Snoqualmie Pass. I was shocked to see the temperature at 63 degrees. It sure helped my mood to know that I wasn't going to get poured on. I was happy to see the Jungle Creek Road in descent shape making for a fast drive. I was happy that I could leave all my layers in my pack. I only wore tshirt and shorts for the balance of the day. I parked at the Way Creek Trail even though I could have driven farther on the 4wd road. I think it would have been passable but the drive back down looked sketchy to me.

I walked the road/trail passing a hunter's camp along the way. I had been on this route earlier this year when it was still under snow. On the previous trip I stayed on the ridge heading almost due north to reach the summit ridge where I headed west to the summit block. I made it to within a few feet of the summit before I turned back due to some unsafe cornices. Today I stayed on the trail making the long traverse to crest Goldwater's SW ridge. I reached the junction with the Koppen Mt trail here which I continued on to the NW. Just after cresting Pt. 4938 I took a climber's trail heading my way. The tread was good and easy to follow. I stayed on this until I reached a boggy area where I left the trail and headed straight up the mostly benign slopes to reach Malcolm Mt's summit at 5480+ft #85 on the B/C 100 list. I snapped some quick pictures and retreated back to the trail. I was suprised to make the summit in around 2 hours quite a bit faster than I had projected.

With some extra time I set my sights for some unfinished business. I retraced my steps to the signed junction with Way Creek Trail. I blew past the junction for the open slopes of Goldwater's West ridge. I had no problems making to the true summit 5220ft #88 B/C 100. I had hoped to cut some distance off by heading more of a SE tact which to the most extent went. I was happy to reach the 4wd road for the ground pounding descent to the car. On the way out I was startled by a hunter who needed a ride. I usually don't pick up hitchhikers especially ones carrying a gun. The hunter didn't really know where he was or where he had parked so I just gave him a ride home. Thankfully his house was on the way.

Approx 8miles 2700ft of climb 4:40 car to car

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