Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nasikelt Peak 8.29.07

Last week I had some mishaps while summitting Nasikelt Peak and it was time to clean up the mess. I had some trouble downclimbing last week and was forced well below the elevation of my stowed belongings. I was running low on time and the way back was guarded by some wet slippery heather. I felt my best move was to make a return trip. Today I parked in the same spot near the end of the Mill Creek Road and was off. Today's only goal was to retrieve my belongings and have a leisurely day. I had no problem finding my was back to my pack and enjoyed the lunch that I had packed for the previous week's trip. The downclimb wasn't without it's tense moments but before long I was back on trail. I gave some thought to climbing Lumiere Ridge but nixed it to lack of time. Shortly after passing Lake Susan Jane I found a good trail going my way. I intially disregarded the idea of taking this trail. When I heard voices below me I backtracked and made my way quickly down the great trail to connect with the Mill Creek Road. Nearing the bottom I passed a man who when seeing my pack seemed very happy to see me. Evidently he and another man had climbed Nasikelt earlier and were very concerned to find my pack without me anywhere near it. Evidently they were so concerned they had spent two hours on the phone with search and rescue. Soon the trail dropped me around 4100ft on the road and it was the short climb back to the car. I waited for the other climber who I knew was parked above me to come driving by. I stopped him to appoligize for any undo concern I may had caused. The climber was a very expierenced with complete Bulger List to his credit. He was little less than moved with my explanation. I could tell he was quite angry with me but he did well trying to hide it. I do want to pass on my most sincere applogies for anyone who I may have inconvienced or worried. Sometimes in life what may seem like silly decisions from the outside are perfect ones in the moment. My only regret was writing up my trip report from last week. Had I not posted the idea no one probably would have climbed Nasikelt any time in the near future.

Approx 5 miles and 1800ft of climb 3:30 car to car

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