Tuesday, July 3, 2007

North Scatter Creek, West Tucquala Peak 7.3.07

I had some obligations on the home front so I was very late in hitting the road. Last week I had gone up the South Scatter Creek Trail and I was intrigued with the North Scatter Trail. There are very few trails that I have not been on in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness especially one with drive up access. It was nearly 5pm by the time I hit the trail. The weather was ideal and my dread about the mosquitoes blew away with the breezy weather. I hadn't done very much homework on my intended route and since the trail is not on my map I decided just to wing it. My goal was for Tucquala Peak which at 6821' is included in the Backcourt 100. The trail was in great shape with only a few blowdowns to negotiate on the lower reaches. I found the grade pleasing not too steep just enough to make the elevation go quickly. At 5700ft the trail crosses a marshy area here I left trail for the easy climbing above me. I thought the point above me was Tucquala truthfully I never really looked closely at my map. I zigzagged my way up slopes until I reached a more defined ridge which I rode to the summit. Initially I thought I was on the right summit but when I couldn't find the summit register and consulted my map I could see that the point to my East was a little taller. I was a bit disappointed but my perch still left me with some very nice views in the fading sunlight. Since it was nearly 7:30 I didn't stay long. For the descent I left the ridge on the East side and made my way down the snowy slopes to the small basin below. I made my easily down into the trees where I traversed back rejoining the trail just a few feet from where I had left it. I made it back to the car very quickly not needing my headlamp.

Approx 6miles 3400ft of climb 4:30 car to car

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