Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Jolly Mt, Humerous Hill 6.5.07

Of late the weather hasn't been my friend. With the recent high temps I was glad to see a cooler forecast for Monday. I was concerned about the scattered showers forecasted but they didn't show themselves. I inverted my day and didn't hit the trail until the crack of noon. I didn't have any evening commitments and I was packing my headlamp. I wanted to give myself every opportunity to achieve the day's goal. The plan was to use road 4315 off of Salmon La Sac Road for my approach. I know this road is gated at 3300ft and again at 4300ft. On previous trips the first gate has been both open and closed. I had my fingers crossed that it would again be open. It was locked solidly. This forced an additonal 2.5 miles and 1000ft of climb. Undaunted I packed up and was off. The weather degraded to some light rain as I made my way up the good logging road. As I joined the Sasse Ridge trail the weather began improving. I followed the Sasse Ridge trail until it intersects with the Jolly Mt. trail. The ridge walk was mostly to entirely snow until the summit which was snowfree. The weather was now quite beautiful. I had a quick lunch and was off for the real goal off the day. I was hoping for a summit of Humerus Hill #76 on the BC/100. Humerus is the unnamed summit SE of Jolley Mt. It is a play on Elbow Peak which is further South. On the descent of Jolly I strayed a little to far West and dropped below the trail. This was a blessing because I found some great running water for the thirsty pups. I climbed back up and refound the trail just North of Pt 5756. As I rounded this point my goal appeared straight in front of me. I was suprised that the Northern side was quite steep. I followed the trail until I was South of Humerus and easily scrambled the remaining elevation to the summit. I was suprised that I couldn't find any summit register. I downclimbed back to the trail and made my way back towards Jolly. I wasn't looking forward to climbing the 800+ feet to regain Jolly's summit. I very thankfully crested Jolly and now was on the long walk to the car. I was pleased to make it out before dark.

18+miles 4500+ft of climb 9 hours car to car

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