Monday, February 19, 2007

Pratt Mt 2.19.07

Since it was a holiday Monday I put out a couple of feelers for some companions for another day of climbing. At one point over the weekend I think I was up to around 7 others to join me. I had hoped for an attempt of West Granite Mt but with the higher avalanche conditions I opted for something a little safer. Because of the poor weather I ended up with two takers for an attempt of Pratt Mt. We were off before 0800 in the heavy rain. I was quite sure before too long it would be snowing quite heavily. From the onset I was very weary and some trouble keeping up with my partners. They were good enough to politlely stop before dropping me completely. When we reached the crossing of the creek that flows out of Ollalie Lake I took over the trailbreaking. I chose to stay on the East side of the Creek to alleviate an unpleasant crossing. Before too long we were at the frozen lake and switched to snowshoes. I led us steeply up West until we attained the ridge at around 4400ft. Once on the ridge the snow improved and the grade lessened. We were able to make it quite easily until 4750 where we were stymied by a short section of rockwork that was coated with a thick layer of ice covered in 4 inches of new snow. We debated on whether or not to continue. It most certainly required ice axes and since we only had two for the three of us we opted out. The descent was the high point of the day for me. I butt glissaded long portions while making sure I didn't plow into any trees. Soon we were back at the lake to enjoy some lunch. The whole day the the snow only intensified. I am sure there was some some substantial accumulations. The way out was wet and somewhat slippery but we all made it back remaining upright. We all had a good laugh when we passed two ladies on there way in one of which was carrying a purse.

Approx 8 miles 2900ft of climb 5:45 car to car

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