Monday, February 5, 2007

Goldwater Peak 2.5.07

Goldwater Peak (aka Johnson Peak)#88 on the Homecourt 100 is nearly due North of Teanaway Butte high above Jungle Creek. I have made two attempts on this peak in the last month. Since I had done most of the trail breaking I was more hopeful for today's attempt. The weather was very springlike. Although it was cool in the valley there was a fairly strong inversion making the upper portions of the climb quite warm. I followed Jungle Creek Road until 3200ft where I left the road. I took a more direct line to reconnect with the 4wd road at 4200ft. I followed the trail to around 4600ft. I stayed on the subtle ridge to reach the summit ridge. Once I reached the summit ridge I then traversed West to reach the true summit area. I was quite concerned because of the warm weather and the cornices that adorned the summit ridge. I could easily circumvent them but I couldn't guarantee the safety of by four legged companions. I could just see the dog's helping the the cornices to release. I contemplated on whether or not to climb the summit block to reach the true summit. The summit block was a little airy but it was only another 20ft of elevation, I decided I didn't feel it prudent to continue. I had hoped to continue on to Malcolm Mt. but with the soft snow conditions and with Tanner still having foot issues I took a pass. I will finish the peak later in the year when I return to do Malcolm Mt. The drop to the Jungle Creek Road went very quickly and soon I was making my way back to the car on the endless road.

Approx 13miles 2700ft of climb 6:30 car to car

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