Monday, January 8, 2007

Money Creek Road 1.08.07

With today's high avalanche danger I was looking for something with a little lower elevation start. I knew there would be no summitting today. I have had another memorable week highlighted with being involved in subduing a enraged naked man at my work. It took 5 of us to hold him down and at least 6 police officers to get him out the front door. So I decided a little extra sleep was well deserved this morning. I mangaged to make the Money Creek Road at the crack of 12:30. I booted up and made fairly good time for the first 1.5 hours. After reaching the road closed sign the snow conditions deteriorated to deep sloppy snow. I shoed up and made my was very slowly until I reached my turn around time. I quickly had my lunch and then was off for the return to the car. Although I found the snow conditions mostly unpleasant and the hike had little technichal reward I am very glad I made it out. I donned my headlamp for the last two miles and made it out with plenty time to make my dinner date.

Approx 11 miles 1800ft of climb 4.5 hours car to car

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