Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Squak Mt 12.27.06

I had hoped for something a bit more exciting than the mundane walk up the South Access Road. I haven't had much of a chance to get out recently, I just regained power on Sunday. I was sure that I wouldn't regain power anytime soon after the storm, so I sent the wife and baby to her parents. 11 days without power and alone will certainly test a man's ability to keep it together. For me getting back to normal is always the best medicine. I was suprised to find 5 cars at the trailhead. I remembered the dog's leashes which would have been better if I had remembered their collars to go along with it. It is only a quick jaunt to my house so I thought it best to get what I needed. There was quite a few larger blow downs between the parking lot and the access road. As I gained altitude I was suprised that the damage seemed to lessen. The rain was cold and steady but it never snowed. I only stayed a short period before running the balance to the car.

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