Monday, November 20, 2006

North Fork Snoquamlie 11.20.06

Today was family day so a mini hike was needed. I finally broke down and bought a suitable car for my mountain escapades. It seemed like we spent half the day making the car ready for the job at hand. The plan was to drive the North Fork Road until stymied by snow. I wanted the baby to have her first snow experience. Because of our much later than expected start we were only able to make it to the bridge crossing over the North Fork. I parked and we walked the gated road that runs along the North Fork. We only went as far as the Big Creek crossing and called it a day. This report is more to give road conditions than anyting else. The road is mostly potholed until the 4 way intersection. Past the intersection is mostly good was some water over the road. The road seems no worse for wear after last weeks deluge. I had hoped to go farther but time would not allow for that.

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