Monday, November 13, 2006

East Lake Kachess Road 11.13.06

I was happy to find ELKR with only a couple inches of snow. There were two trees over the road that I was forced to go around/go over. I was just able to move a third tree out of my way. I was happy to be able to drive all the way to the junction with Road #4824 where I parked. I started out just carrying my snowshoes but quickly was forced to put them to use. The snow was deep and very heavy making for some very slow going. I had hoped to make my way to Hard Knox, but when I realized that in an hour I had only climbed 700ft of elevation I knew that was only wishful thinking. I pressed on until my steps became too deep for the beagle to navigate. I was sinking well past my knees with every step becoming a little deeper. In the two hours I could only manage 1000ft of climb. I enjoyed some steaming hot coffee and some very heavy snow showers. The way back to the car went considerably faster.

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