Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Granite Lake Road 10.31.06

I have had a very chaotic work schedule lately, so when I found out that I had Tuesday off I was more than pleased. With sunny weather to boot I had to fiqure out a way to make the day a go. I had my daughter's first Halloween events to consider when making plans. I managed to get out of bed just after 5:30 and was out the door soon after. I was looking for a day with quite alot of mileage. I intended on summit bid of Revolution Peak. My time frame was very contricted so I knew I had to hustle. When I ran into bumper to bumper on HY 18 I was fairly certain the day's goal would be even harder to attain. I parked at the Mailbox parking area and walked to short ways to the Granite Lakes Jeep Rd. Trying to make up some lost time I ran the first half mile or so. I decided that running on an icy roadbed wasn't the prudent thing to do. I hit snow just after crossing Granite Creek. Just after the Granite Lake turnoff I hit a most unpleasant half mile. The small trees were laden with snow making them bend inward to the middle of the road forming a 3 foot high tunnel. Making my way through this was much less than pleasant. This area was shortlived and soon I was on more open ground. It was becoming apparent that time was no longer on my side. I decided to pull the plug after three hours. I lounged for 15 minutes eating a little lunch and enjoying the bright sunshine. I even managed a litte sunburn . The way out went quickly and I was soon on my way to the rest of the day's festivities. I was a little disappointed to find out the plans had been moved back two hours which would have given me more than enough time to complete the day's objective.

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