Sunday, July 30, 2006

Evans Lake 7.30.06

After missing last week I was eager to get out again. For this trip it was a special family outing. We left the wild dingos at home. I instead brought my wife and daughter for her ""first hike"". I use the term hiking loosely since she has yet to take her first steps. She was a trooper as we made our way along the 1/3mile and 30ft elevation gain to Evans Lake. It was fun to see the wonder already in her eyes. The weather had been raining quite hard in Monroe and I doubted we would even make it out of the car at the trailhead. There were 3 cars already there when we arrived. This hike is as family friendly as any I know. The lake itself is somewhat shallow and not much to look at. Of course it started to rain as soon as we set up shop on the Northern Shore. I snapped some family pictures and threw a fly for a bit before it became to cold and wet for the little one. There was a couple spin casting for shore and a couple of guys in belly boats out fishing as well. I did see some decent fish but didn't witness any landings. We made it back to the truck only becoming midly wet from the brushy trail and enjoyed our picnic in the truck. The only damper on the day was the two hour trip from Skykomish to Monroe. I think at some point something must be done. With talk of putting a toll on Snoqualmie Pass I imagine this situation only becoming worse.

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