Thursday, June 1, 2006

Sasse Mt. 6.1.06

I was hoping for a summit bid for Humerus Hill which lies between Jolly Mt and Elbow Peak. My hope was that at least the first gate would be open on logging road #4315 which starts just after the Cooper Lake Turnoff. The road intersects the Sasse Mt trail close to the Jolly Mt trail. I was at least 3 hours late getting started due to obligations on the home front so I wasn't overly optimistic about my chances. The first gate was shut snugly so I was assured of not making my day's objective. I was only able to walk the road until I intersected with the Sasse Mt Trail. Without any more time before I had other obligations at home I was forced to turn back. The snow was constant and consolidated above 4300ft. I thankfully returned to the truck before the rain became serious. Just before crossing Snoqualmie Pass the rain became so intense I was nearly forced to pull over.

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