Friday, June 9, 2006

Icicle Ridge High Point 6.9.06

I was looking for a long elevation gain where snow wasn't a huge factor. I had read some reports for this trail so I knew snow wouldn't be an issue. The lower portions of the trail need brushing and since it had rained recently I became quite wet. The cloud ceiling was around 6500ft so views were mostly stunted. The grade is quite pleasing but it is still a substantial 4700ft of climb to the lookout which comes in at 7029ft ranking it #36 on the Back Court list. Snow becomes consistent around 6800ft and is pretty solid on the North Side below the lookout. I was glad that I brought plenty of clothes because of the cool windy weather. I didn't have any problems finding a straight forward route to the remnants of the lookout. The lookout itself is on an immense flat rock that requires you to use some handholds that are provided for you. I merely touched the summit and quickly made my way back to my pack that I had stowed in a more sheltered location below me. I quickly ate my lunch and then I was off for the long descent to the truck. I was quite pleased with the 5.5 hour car to car time. I, however, was a bit disappointed with the lack of views from the summit. I am sure that the lookout is a wonderful vantage point. Even though I was quite wet by the time I returned to the truck I am sure that it was much better than trying this climb on a warm sunny day. I was simply amazed with the volume of water in both Icicle Creek and the Wenatchee River.

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