Monday, June 26, 2006

Dingford Creek, Horseshoe Lake 6.26.06

I had grand plans for the day, but with such warm temps I decided to pare back my day. I was hoping for a summit of Sorcery Mt.(Pt. 5273) which lies just East of Horseshoe and Goat Lakes. I managed to get an early enough start to have some cooler temps on the way up. There is a good fisherman's trail that starts between the 4th and 5th branches of Goat Creek. The trail starts between two large rocks and soon crosses the 5th branch of Goat Creek. The trail stays on the East side of the creeks for the balance to the climb to the Horseshoe Lake. I made my way around the Eastern shore until I found a great campsite on the NE shore. I dropped pack in the cooler shaded side of the lake and thankfully was cooled even further my a nice breeze coming off the lake. The campsite has a huge stone firepit and even some well constructed stone seats. It was already in the Mid 80's and climbing steadily even though it was well before noon. I climbed on my general line toward Sorcery Mt. until I reached a very sunny brushy portion. I was not in any sort of mood for a sweatfest so I headed pack to my pack. I was only looking for a half day today anyway. I lounged for an hour watching an Osprey floating on thermals above me. The trip out was not as hot as I had feared but was hot enough to sap alot of my energy.

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