Friday, March 10, 2006

Teneriffe Road 3.10.06

With the recent wild weather I was sure to find plenty of new snow. Crossing Snoqualmie seemed like an iffy proposition , so I decided to stay close. I was sure to hit some deep untracked snow so I brought extra floats for my snowshoes hoping this would allow me a summit of Mount Teneriffe. I arrived at the trailhead about an hour later than I had hoped but remained optimistic that I would have enough daylight to achieve my day's goal. The weather was calm, much to my suprise. I switched to snowshoes at around 1600ft and added extra float at around 3000ft. Above 3000ft it was a real grunt the snow was deep heavy and untracked slowing my pace. I pushed on to the flats around 4000ft where the Beagle struggled to keep pace. I felt a little bad for the little guy so I called it a day. On the descent it began to snow increasing in intensity as I grew closer to the truck.

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