Friday, March 31, 2006

Teanaway Butte 3.31 .06

I was on my usual tight schedule so I picked something I had done before. The day was started out with a overflowing toilet and was followed with the dogs eating my sandwich when I stopped for gas. To make it a trifecta of bad luck Highway 18 had a 20 minute backup just after Tiger Summit. I knew I would have to really hustle if I wanted to make it back for my 5pm appointment. I was hoping to ski the road approach to Teanaway Butte due to the 7+ mile approach. I was suprised to see bare road at the bus turnaround on the Middle Fork Road. There was a snow berm to block any further driving so I parked the truck and decided to keep the skiis in the truck. Trying to make up some time I ran for periods on the well packed road. I switched to snowshoes around 3800ft and soon found myself at the end of the road with only a few hundred feet of elevation to go. The snow was untracked and somewhat deep as I made my way to the summit. I very thankfully reached the summit and only stayed long enough to see a nice squall coming my way. As I made my way back to the road it began to snow quite hard progressing to some fun stinging hail. I again ran portions of the descent making it home at 5pm on the money.

14+ miles 4:45 car to car

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