Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dirty Harry's Peak 12.15.05

My original intent was to summit Granite Mt., but when I arrived at the trailhead there were many cars. Normally this wouldn't dissuade me but with my dog's recent aggressive behavior I thought better of it. I also wasn't too thrilled with the prospects of using a trail that I was sure was more glare ice than snow. I bactracked to the Fire Training Road and parked before the gate. I know the gate has a closing time of 4 pm and I knew I wouldn't be out in time. I walked the road to Dirty Harry's Logging Road and was happy to see some nice snowcover over the intial unpleasant rocky portion. There is a worn boot track that takes you all the way to the summit making snowshoes useless. I had a 3pm turnaround time but I was so close to the summit I waived it and summitted around 3:15. I knew there was a full moon and the skies were clear so I knew I would have enough ambient light. I made it out just before five carefully negotiating some very slippery areas where the run-off was now freezing to the bare spots of the road. I was quite happy to hit the safe walking of the paved and sanded road. Well that was short lived as after taking about five steps I hit some ice rolling my ankle which was accompanied with a loud snapping sound. As I crumpled to the side of the road screaming in pain, I thought it best to get up and walk before the swelling began in earnest. I was able to hobble to the car with only minimal discomfort. I am upbeat today it is very swollen and stiff but not painful.

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