Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Hawkins Mt. 6.7.05

I managed to get out of bed somewhat early and was off to Teanaway, hoping for some drier weather. As it turned out it was a wise choice I only some some light drizzle and some light snow showers as I made my way to Hawkin's summit. I stopped for a bit at Gallagher Head Lake and then made my way up the jeep road that bends around to Hawkin's highpoint which is it's Western Summit. I dropped pack at around 6100ft. Just as I was about to make my way to the summit my ever annoying Beagle caught a scent and was off. I tried to follow him as he dropped elevation cursing his name at every opportunity. I dropped 400ft of elevation before I gave up and returned to my pack. My hope was that he would be there waiting for me. Of course that wasn't the case. I decided to wait abit hoping for his return, after he had been gone for well over 30 minutes, I feared he had fallen in the gully where the Northern Fork of Big Boulder Creek flows. I dropped into the gully and dropped about 250ft without finding him. I decided to climb out of the gully, and as soon as I reached easier ground I heard Baxter baying. After more than 45 minute he found his way back. Needless to say I was enraged but my relief won out and I was off to scramble the last 1000ft, leashing the dog of course. The remaining 300ft of road climb was steep but went quickly. I left the road and picked my way to the saddle between Hawkins main summit and it's eastern summit ( The Thimble ). There is very little snow so much of the scramble is on scree but footing is fairly good. Once I reached the saddle I headed West and easily reached Hawkin's 7160+ ft summit. The weather was quite cool and windy with almost no visibility and it even snowed lightly. I searched for a summit register with no luck. It took me about 2 hours to 6100ft and then about 45 minutes to the summit. The descent went easily as I quickly returned to my pack. On the way out I scouted a climbers trail to High Esmerlda. There is a trail that leaves the last switchback before Gallagher Head Lake. I had let the Beagle off the leash for the last part of my summit bid, Thinking by now he would be too tired to run off. As I gave thought on giving Esmerlda a go, the beagle was off again. After waiting for a short time I decided to continue my descent, thankfully rejoined 20 minutes later by my dog. I of course releashed him and passed on my 3rd objective of the day of Koppen Mt. Even though it seemed like I spent most of the day fearing I had lost my dog, it turned out to be a great day. I really don't know what to do about my wandering pup. Some times life just doesn't give you a good option. I can't go without him, and I surely can't let him roam free and I don't think either of us appreciate the whole leash thing either. As I reached Snoqualmie Pass on the drive out it began pouring, I sure was glad I hadn't chose a climb on the Western Crest

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