Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dog Mt 6.30.05

With drier weather this week I was eager to climb Dog Mt.. The trail to Anderson Lake has never been my favorite. The lower stretches pass through some areas with several springs making the trail muddy and unpleasant. The road ends nearly two miles before the trail begins adding to the displeasure. However once you reach the polished slabs and rock gardens overlooking Lennox Creek all is forgotten. The weather today was mostly cloudy and quite humid but for the most part dry. I dropped pack at 4400ft,just after leaving the trees and entering the open area before Anderson Pass. My intent was to reach the SE ridge just above the small lake and then on to Dog Mt. summit. I instead headed NW on rockslides until I could reach Dog Mt's open and heathery North slope. I zig zagged my way to the summit in just less than 3 hours. The summit affords some stunning views of Treen and Garfield Peaks. With the mostly cloudy weather the views were somewhat stunted. I could however see my nemisis Cougar Lake. I did not intend on making a 6th attempt today but I at least for the first time saw it's waters. I dropped 200ft SW along the ridge which goes easily towards Cougar Lake. Feeling content that this route would work I returned to the summit. On the descent I had a tendency to drop too quickly and was thwarted with cliff bands. I however made it back to my pack rather quickly. I wanted to have a relaxing lunch but was forced to wolf down my food because the bugs were out in force. I found the bugs much less bothersome when moving. The slog out went more slowly than I would have liked as I reached the car 6 hours after starting.

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