Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Horseshoe Lake, Sorcery Mt. 5.25.05

I was hoping for a summit of Sorcery Mt. which lies just East of Horseshoe Lake. I made my way down the Middle Fork Rd which for once improved as I made my way to the Dingford Creek Trailhead. After bumping my way to the trail head I found some pleasant sunny skies to greet my climb up the first grade. After a short time the grade lessens and becomes mostly flat. I reached the many brances of Goat Creek in less than an hour. There is a fisherman's trail that leaves the Dingford Creek trail just after the fourth branch of Goat Creek. There is a couple of big rocks and the trail starts right between them. The trail is quite easy to follow and the grade isn't too bad. After about 200ft of elevation the trail crosses the fifth branch and continues on the east side all the way to the outlet of Horseshoe Lake. I found a nice sunny rock to soak up some much needed sun and to plan my attempt at Sorcery Mt (pt. 5273). I made my way around the east side of the lake and climbed to a subtle spur that tends mostly east. I kept mostly on the Northern side and found some open areas that would, I am sure take me to the saddle just north of Sorcery's summit. Just as I made it to the northern side the Beagle caught a scent and was off down the southern side. I backtracked trying to keep a straight line of sound so that I could coax him back. With no luck for more than 5 minutes I made my way back to my pack that I had stashed back at the lake. Just as I made it back I was much relieved to be rejoined by my annoying pet. I still had plenty of time to make my way back and rejoin my climb but I did not have enough desire to do this. I just stayed and enjoyed a simply magnificent afternoon at a lake that probably doesn't get visited too often. This lake is well worth the effort as it is less than 2 hours from the trailhead. The descent went without incident and I made it back before I knew it.

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