Wednesday, March 30, 2005

West Miller Creek Road 3.30.05

Winter has finally arrived. With the regional snow level near 1500ft I chose The West Fork Miller River Jeep Road. I have been up the road numerous times but hadn't gone too far past Coney Creek. I have always found the road somewhat unpleasant due to the many areas where water flow has stripped away all the soil. This has left the exposed rocks which are mostly quite smooth and slippery. With the snow starting almost from the start I made my way up the road. I switched to snowshoes after about 1.5 miles, which wasn't really needed but I thought I might as well give them some use. The weather was a mixed bag sun, snow and rain. It was quite cool for the end of March. I turned around just past Cleopatra Creek the snow was close to 2 feet at the modest elevation of 2400ft. I enjoyed watching the dogs run through the untracked snow, for some reason they always seem to enjoy it more. I had hoped to use this trip to scout for future trips, too bad for me the low cloud level prevented this.

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