Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Mailbox Peak 3.1.05

I was looking forward all week to a rematch with Mailbox. I was quite pleased that the overnight rain had passed and left some hazy sunshine. Today I had plenty of time so I didn't really press the issue on the way up. There was almost no snow at all on the trail, so the upper portions went quicker. I found the going much easier than last week. I reached the summit in a little more than 2 hours and was greeted with some howling winds. I put every article of clothing on that I had but is was no match for the biting wind. I didn't even think of going on the West Defiance. The wind was strong enough to move me, at every ounce of 235 lbs that is saying something. I quickly downclimbed to get out of the wind and made it back to the truck without any mishaps.

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