Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dirty Harry's Road 1.25.05

Another late spring like day in the mountains. With most trip reports reporting very little snow I thought I would have an easy time with Dirty Harry's Road. I climbed to around 3200ft were the road splits right near the big rockslide. I followed the road that leaves towards the right until it again splits. I opted for the road that climbs instead of the road that goes through a boggy area. There was a distinct climber's trail that leaves this logging road in another 1/8th of a mile. This trail is obvious and flagged all the way to the summit of Pt.4353. Although Pt 4353 doesn't have more than a modest 100ft of relief, it is a good regional viewpoint. There wasn't a breath of wind the entire way until reaching the summit I was treated with some very gusty winds. I believe the trail continues on towards Pt 5335 (Putrid Pete's Peak). I was quite amazed at the lack of snow, I only crossed one area of snow. I am quite sure that that to will be gone shortly if this warm wet weather continues. On the way out I ran into a man that I had met on a previous trip in this area. He seems to have taken upon himself to be the steward for this area. I made it out with plenty of time before the 4pm gate closing.

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