Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Squak Mt 11.10.04

Finally Tanner's knee could withstand some hiking. I started him 3 weeks ago on leash walking the south side access road for just for about a mile. Last week I decided to do the West Summit and Central Summits. He was doing so well I decided to unleash him for the road walk out. This wasn't a bright idea because not more than a quarter mile into the descent both dogs sited a deer and were chasing the deer down the road at warp 6. Just what his knee needed an all out run steeply downhill. Thankfully no damage was done and Tanner recovered with only minimal soreness the next day. For this week I deemed him fit to be off leash for a real hike. I decided to take Phil's creek trail unil it passes below the East Peak. Here I left trail and bushwhacked to the East Peak's summit. This route is mostly unpleasant with meddling nettles in season. After summitting I was sure I would find trail down the north side. I found bits and pieces leading me more westerly. I dropped to Phil's creek and found this even more unpleasant travel I did a long traverse in a se tack until I found somewhat easier travel. After a much longer descent than I would have liked I rejoined the trail and was back to the car. Be wary very few of the junctions in this system are signed and many do loops which makes route finding quite confusing.

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