Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Putrid Pete's Peak 5.4.04

Today's goal was for Putrid Pete's Pk via the Mason Lk Trailhead. This was my third attempt at this obscure Pk., that lies between Mt. Defiance and Dirty Harry's Pk.. My attempt last month was halted due to lack of motivation, so today's mindset was a bit more deadset. The weather was cool and windy making the upper portions a bit slippery. I was able to follow the climbers trail to approx 4200ft and then just scrambled the path of least resistance to the summit at 5335. The last bit was a little tedious due to the shattered rock and slippery surface due to the earlier rain. I just tagged the summit and retraced my steps back down without even a moments hesitation. I had a bit of trouble locating the point of the trail where it re-enters the forest. I dropped straight down until I reached the creek at around 3600ft I then angled more easterly and with much relief reaquired the trail around 3300ft. The descent provided some tense moments due to the steepness and lack of good footing. I was suprised that my time up was (1:50) was the same as my descent time. It shows the care that must be taken in descending in these types of condition.

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