Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Putrid Pete's Peak 4.13.04

I had hoped today to summit Putrid Petes Pk, or as I have sometime seen it called Web Mt. This peak is Pt 5335 which lies between Mt Defiance and Dirty Harry's Pk.. I chose to use the Mason Lk trailhead,there is a trail that leaves the logging road at the first switchback. This trail is not mantained but is easy to follow after about a mile the trail splits with the lower branch going to Dirty Harry's balcony and on the logging road that starts on the Fire Academy access road. I took the upper trail which climbs to Putrid Pete's Pk.. The trail becomes less and less obvious as you climb, there is more than enough flagging to show the way. The trail becomes very steep above 4000ft, I climbed to around 4400ft where I became a bit concerned about my descent. After some deliberation I decided that I would make my tedious descent. Since I mostly solo climb it is not unusal for me to turn back, I usually feel good about my choices. Today however I feel like I really should have pressed on. The grade seems to ease somewhat and with less than a 1000ft to go I really wish I would have kept on. I guess that is what is so great about being able to go out as much as I do, there is always next week.

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