Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Dirty Harry's Road 3.16.04

Another nice spring day for me to get out and stretch my legs. I needed something real close today, so I picked Dirty Harry's Rd since it involves very little travel time for me. I climbed Dirty Harry's Peak last year so I stayed on the road unitl only around 3300ft where the road passes a big rockslide. This rock slide provides easy access to the saddle between points 4272 and 4353. As a general rule I try to avoid rockslides in the spring when there is great potential to fall through into unseen holes underneath the melting snow. Lucky for me this rockslides has alot of sun exposure so there wasn't any snow to contend with. I climbed quite easily to near 3800ft where I reached my turnaround time for reaching the gate which closes at 4 PM. This route seems to me would provide easy access to the Upper Granite Lk pond as well as to Point 5335 which I believe is Putrid Pete's Pk.

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